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October 2002
Volume 8 Number 6

Austin Jazz Festival Preview by Evan Streusand and Rachelle Rouse
Begun in 1989 as the Clarksville Jazz Festival, the 2002 Festival continues DiverseArts' tradition of producing Austin's oldest jazz music event.

Happy Blues by Tom Benton
"When my gig is over everyone is happy. Everyone is smiling and telling me how good they feel."
W.C. Clark

An Interview with Mimi Fox by Meredith Wende
"I see more and more talented women on every instrument in countries all over. But I think it will be great when the question becomes obsolete, when I can talk about the music without being a 'female guitarist.'"
--Mimi Fox

Jazz on a Summer's Day by Imani Evans
It's the document of a community's collective decision to transgress for one day, to be agitated sweetly by the stark testimonials of Dinah Washington, Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk, Gerry Mulligan, Anita O' Day, Mahalia Jackson, and others.

On the Up and Up by Erin Steele
Venues such as Jazz, The Elephant Room and Cedar Street Courtyard provide musicians a format in which to play and are visited by patrons with a lust for spirited music. In turn, the men and women who make the music do much more than just entertain those who have come to listen -- they are the pulse of Austin jazz.


Performance Art 
Visual Arts 



Section Eight by Daniel Davis Clayton
I've tasted hatred and traded correlated rhyme correspondences tempered by time. I've kept things inside that collectively coincide with wrecked dreams and pride which indefinitely localize like clipped wings, plucked eyes and the vexingly thoughts summarized by those sought least of the lot.

Up All Night by Harold McMillan
Let me tell you a little more about my friend Marc, and why his sponsorship of this year's festival is more than an isolated act of generosity from a successful business and its owner.

Verities by Imani Evans
Much of the thrill of hearing an Art Tatum comes from the provocative truth that it shouldn't be happening, that at any point, the odds are ever against an Imani Evans finding his way through the morass of the postmodern everyday and making contact with an Art Tatum and the artistic and cultural heritage he represents.

Notes from the Woodshed by Paul Klemperer
This summer I spent most of August and part of September in Turkey, meeting and playing with a variety of musicians, as well as gaping at the products of a culture over 3000 years old.

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