We Need to Talk

  • Posted on: 23 July 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


When we went to the Dripping Springs Council
and asked for subsidized rentals on their Cottage
for the purposes of Dripping Springs poets
they agreed unanimously. Hermit crab poets of Thirsty Thursday smiled!
When artists spoke to the Urban Renewal Board
about the need for Kenny Dorham's backyard to stay open
they extended the lease to September
Now Kleberg Hall is a base for OPTIMISTS ANONYMOUS to meet!
2014 seems to be the Age of Negotiation
when we need speak to authorities
to affirm creative processes in their need for space
Art needs galleries. Streets cannot contain such freedoms!
Music needs stages and audiences. Ears need harmonies!
People need to gather-we have much to speak about
Peace in our times?or negotiated settlements?Both are needed
Real estate for dreams ,fantasies,poetry,art-homes for harmonies to wing in-


THOM LIVES!-he dervish dances sounds, rhythms, cadences into spark fire art, and collaborates with wiser, deeper ones who guide him into harbors of Compassion. He is developing a sense of humor, and laughs daily at Death, nightly in his Dreams.

Thom’s newest book, ‘Water Forest Light’ can be found here. His previous book, ‘Listen to the MoonTrees’ is now available for free download.