Toasted and Confused!

Who: DiverseArts Culture Works and Austin Silent Disco
Where: Kenny Dorham's Backyard
When: Friday, June 30th, 9pm


Featuring ToasT, Metranohm, and G. King!

Next to one of Austin's Moonlight towers on the East Side lies Kenny Dorham's Backyard, an artistic nook that will present this unique event.

Austin Silent Disco Presents: Toasted and Confused! The evening will open at 9pm with a live set from Austin's own eclectic groove band, ToasT that will include tribute songs from the movie! At 11pm, we will do a live screening of the famous movie. The silent disco headphones will provide 3 alternative soundtracks: The original unadulterated movie that you have seen and heard 1000 times, and two alternate tracks where DJ's will each create their own mix. Each DJ will be provided with the live feed of the audio of the movie, and they will mix in their own choice cuts and remixes of the songs you know and love. You can choose your own experience by listening to any version you wish while the movie plays.

This event is sure to be the biggest party since 1976! Bring your own beer, booze, or buds (that's buddys) and enjoy the experience. Matthew McConaughey probably won't be there, but the stars will be out. Please refrain from climbing to the top of the moontower!
Saturday, June 30, 2012 - 9:00pm