Third Ear Trio



Keepin' it funky on east 11th street

New band, old friends, good grooves.
Join Rob Halverson (guitar, vocals, tunes), Harold McMillan (bass, go-go dancing), and Doug Marcis (drums) for a couple of sets of fresh new soon-to-be classic gut-bucket inspired 21st century blues, bluejazzrock tunes with thoughtful lyrics, downhome funkygrooves, and an appropriate amount of freeblown crazy and sweaty humor...I mean, some really good emoti...onally delivered originals, classic blues almost-covers, and free improv delivered by some guys who truly connect musically and have a good time doing it.
shades of past musical affiliations in bands and projects... word/jazz lowstars, ya ya stuff, robinson ear machine, east side blues syndicate, woody russell band and various other incarnations of our individual projects that span 15 years, this new thang swangs hard, funks stanky, and is blue as it can be. it's fun, too.

Come witness our debut. Yes, its short notice, but some things are just that way. Right?
BYOB party at Kenny Dorhams. Come hang out, bring your friends, chill as much as you can under the stars.