Sybil Miller Exhibit

Sybil Miller Exhibit  2.22.2013



Where: Kenny Dorham's Backyard
1106 East 11th Street
Austin, Texas 78702

Feb. 22, 2013

For More Information:


Sybil Miller has published a book, Six Works. A catalogue for six recent video works, including descriptions, stills, and texts. If interested in purchasing Sybil Miller's Book, Six Works,  CLICK HERE.


From Tibet to El Paso, from contemporary life to ancient Greece, Sybil Miller’s video/audio works span continents and centuries, exploring the intersections of her personal history with that of civilization. On Friday, February 22, she will screen selected works and discuss her process with the audience - how she shifts history into autobiography into history, pulling and isolating events, taking on personas from the past, and performing psychological narratives that are partly truth, partly fiction.


About the Artist:

sybil m: Video/Audio Works
LDYB imagines the last days and hours of Meriwether Lewis, who died by his own hand on the Natchez Trace, October 11, 1809 at the age of thirty-five.


Sybil Miller Statement:
Move on, move through, move past, move over, move trucks, move sidewalks, move pictures, move sound; to change, exchange, go in or out.
The sense of things is also their source.

Sybil Miller lives in Central Texas and is professor of photocommunications in the Department of Visual Studies at St. Edward’s University. Her work combines a deep interest in visual movement, sound, composition, performance, genealogy and horses.


Screenings: Selected Works 2007-2011

Nine Rough Cuts: Tibet (continuous loop; nine channel video with audio, 2007)contemporary scenes in Tibet

El Paso Redux (14:18 single channel video with audio, 2009)
juxtaposing events in El Paso in the 1800s with those occurring in nearby Juarez today. violence is the common denominator

Alexander’s Elephants (4:56 single channel video with audio, 2010)
war elephants and Alexander the Great

Souvenir Hotel (4:50 single channel video with audio, 2010)
a family moves from Virginia to Versailles, Missouri in the 1860s

Lay Down Your Bandoliers (10:58 single channel video with audio, 2010-2011)
the suicide of Meriwether Lewis, the artist’s cousin 6 times removed

RIP Deputy Broad (5:33 single channel video with audio, 2011)
In Memory of the racehorse Deputy Broad, who ran his last race on July 11, 2011 and died at the Richelieu slaughterhouse July 20, 2011. He was six years old and never had a chance.






Friday, February 22, 2013 - 7:00pm