Mexitas: 2012 Art Show

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Mexitas: 2012 Art ShowWhen:
Decemeber 8th, 12:00PM-6:30PM

Mexitas - Mexican Food Restaurant
1107 North IH-35
Austin, Texas 78702

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About the Artist:  Marcellus Sapenter

Ever since the day he was at the age 12, when his father and mother gave him a nickel plated clarinet from New Orleans. He was born the middle child of seven in New Orleans where he gained a love for music and arts but his family moved to Texas.  They would visit home twice a year for Mardi Gras and three month summer vacations at the grandparents home three houses from the levy.  But inspired by his memories of the colorful festivals Marcellus started drawing places and people he missed.  One summer he took the train to New Orleans and on his return to Texas his nickel plated clarinet was stolen on the train.   Disappointed about the lost he held onto his art by drawing pictures from the catholic bible, album covers of recording artist like Hugh Masekela, Earth, Wind, & Fire and classical opera singers.

Marcellus’s mother enrolled him in several art workshops and contest, drawing detailed products like candy rappers, soda bottles and empty food boxes. Marcellus entered contest for commercial product designs that brought him several awards, the interest of commercial designers and scholarships to art schools. Soon the decision would take him further away from home and family too early because he was still in high school he turned down offers. He was later asked by an agency to examine counterfeit documents and prints.

In 1978 he had attained Huston-Tillotson College, Austin, Texas where he received his BA in Mass Communication and Accounting. In his search for fellow artist, he attend an Austin Carver Museum art exhibit where saw the glass artworks of the internationally renown Regina Thomas, artists, designer and owner of Graphic Glass Studios’. You can sample Reji’s work at   and
   During his college years at Huston-Tillotson University, he was invited to work as security at the once studio warehouse on East 6th street but things shortly changed.  Over a the period of a nine year collaboration with Regina, Marcellus discovered and achieved great successes living, working, creating and studying every media imaginable; book illustrations, air brushing, pin and ink, color pencil, sand blasted glass murals, residential and commercial itched glass treasures and acid itched glass portraits and design, steel framing, marble and stone carving, iron and metal construction, furniture, fixture design, architectural and production. It was hard work and sacrifice at Graphic Glass for nine years.  Tommy L.Wyatt, editor chief of The Villager Newspaper in Austin, Texas encouraged him to develop black and multi-cultural clipart for newspapers and schools, during a separate business venture with Hall Communication a Public Relations Company in Austin, TX in public media relations. He is proud of his color pencil portraits and furniture refinishing, redesigning and forms of reverse glass mirror art. His beliefs are in developing a strong mind (producing/always learning), body (health/exercise), spiritual (prayer/seeking Him).  At present his goal is to publish dramatic illustrations for life encouraging good advice books and short story comics.


Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 12:00pm