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Fresh Black Paint (2002)

client:Norma Clark

date:23 Jul 2016

more:Like some other contemporary painters, I do not make clear distinctions between abstract and realist art. Art for me is emotion; it is intuitive and spontaneous. Distinctions lie with how one communicated imagery, for a painting must go beyond what the artist visually sees before her and delve deeply within her soul to communicate a powerful image on canvas that reveals more than what is immediately apparent. Concepts for my work stem from diverse sources such as the history of art, pop culture, personal photographs, landscapes, and still life objects. I take simple visual moments frozen in time and open up new possibilities. My working methodology allows my paintings to remain fresh, and unpredictable. There are no limitations, no boundaries, only infinity and freedom to express without words. The content of my work is not meant to relay a personal philosophy nor is it an narrative or a depiction. I do not desire to make a political, social, or cultural commentary of the world. My object is to create paintings that contain ambiguities of space, color, and form. My paintings are personal and are reflections of a range of internal emotions and complexities of life, that visually are most often not seen as tangible, recognizable images. It is my goal as an artist for my work to be expressive enough to communicate on its own, without any explanation, and that my paintings have an emotional impact on the viewer. I hope to engage the viewer into a physical, gestural, and psychological relationship with my work.

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