First Day

  • Posted on: 27 May 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

The room is quiet now except for the hum of the thermostat and the clacking of my keys, and there’s something incomplete about the bare walls of the gallery, in between exhibits. It reminds me of the feeling I always get starting a new job: unsure, naked, and a little bit pale. Luckily though it won’t be too long before the walls are covered in vibrant colors again, and as far as new jobs go, I’ve been paler.

I applied to DiverseArts as one of a million possible organizations, throwing my résumé at the wall and seeing what stuck. As I prepared for the interview however, the position began to distinguish itself. After meeting with Harold I was ecstatic. I think he has a similar effect on everyone, someone who is as comfortable teaching as he is learning, and someone with a genuine passion for what he does.

In light of my eventual role in resurrecting the magazine (which I couldn’t be more excited for!), I thought it was only appropriate that I begin my first official day in the gallery writing. It feels nice to let my thoughts fall onto the screen and to be a part of an organization that I know can make a difference.

Looking forward to more days like this.