East Austin Stories – Spring 2011

Taught by Assoc. Professor – Andy Garrison

1st Screening:Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church,
(1209 E 9th Street)
May 10pm - 7pm

2nd Screening: Kenny Dorham’s Backyard
(1106 E. 11th Street)
May 10th – 9pm

Private Screening: Casa Marianella
(821 Gunter Street)
May 12

Andy Garrison (Professor)

East Austin Stories  - University of Texas Undergraduate Film Screening
AUSTIN, TX – 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the East Austin Stories documentary class, a University of Texas Department of Radio-Television-Film course that focuses on capturing the diversity and vivacity that thrive in East Austin neighborhoods.  This semester’s students will be hosting three screenings of their new works: two public screenings on May 10, the first at 7:00pm at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, 1209 E 9th St., the second at 9:00pm at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard, 1106 E 11th St, and a private screening on May 12 at Casa Marianella, 821 Gunter St.

East Austin Stories is a documentary project created with the sole intent of telling the stories of those that live, work, and play in East Austin, and then returning those stories to the East Austin in the form of free community screenings. This semester, students have collaborated with residents, businesses and organizations to create eight short documentaries.

Day of the Fallen: 138 coffins, one for each Texas construction worker who died last year, proceed down Congress Avenue on the shoulders of their loved ones. Christian Hurtado, a son of one such worker, speaks out to prevent further tragedy.
Dub Academy: The Dub Academy is a school providing DJ education for the public; teaching their students, as the motto states, “old school philosophy with new school technology.” The film provides new and personal insight into the world of the people who make you move and the ways they make you do it.
Jegnesh: One man's retelling of his arduous journey through vast foreign lands in search of a better life for him and his son. From the unforgiving jungles of Peru to the ruthless drug cartels of Mexico, Jegnesh is a father that was willing to sacrifice everything, even his life, all for the slight chance of attaining some sense of freedom and stability in his life.
Llévame a Casa: A young man arrives at Casa Marianella from Erithrea as another struggles to get well and another dreams of the day he can work again. Efrem, Joel and Omar are only three of the hundreds of immigrants and political refugees Marianella shelters each year.
Low Down Blues: Hosea Hargrove, age 81, plays guitar in a local Austin blues band.  This film explores his life both on and off the stage.
Skull By Skull Now!: The Skidmarx bike gang play hard and party harder. Have
these rebels-without-a-cause abandoned society or has society abandoned them?
Son Jarocho Fandango: Son Jarocho is a vibrant genre of traditional music from Veracruz, Mexico that has African and indigenous roots. Local group Son Armado discusses how sharing this music through workshops and community fandangos is a means of amplifying both the individual and collective voice.
The XY Zone: The program at Reagan High School where teen men at risk seek to better their academic and personal lives
The Young Cobras: The Young Cobras, a selected group of Kealing Middle School students, attempts to save their program in the face of school budget cuts.
These projects will be joining past “East Austin Stories” documentaries online at www.eastaustinstories.org.