A Dream

  • Posted on: 28 May 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Not sure I'm using this space correctly, but I had a dream last night I wanted to share.

A buck charges through the forrest. Flashes of dark green rush by lit by moonbeams. He vaults over a log gracefully but lands hard. The heavy sound of his gallop fills his ears and soon he's worked up a lather that streams along his neck and wells at the base of his rack.  There's no cause for his running, only impulse, and driven by it miles of wild surge past him. Eventually the grass turns to gravel and his hooves are clipped on the sharp rocks. He bounds through the darkness until the trees break where he's driven to a halt by a bright light. A Mack truck barrels down the highway pounding its horn and for the first time the buck thinks: "What in God's name is that?" before he's flattened. 

Technically I woke up before the flattening, so maybe he's fine. Either way, if you're going to run into the road, you should at least run.