Diverse Arts History Project: Take Two

History Project Blog Post 2: Ian Bratcher - 3/18/14

Other churches that are well documented in the Diverse Arts History Project binder are: Ebenezer Baptist Church…(there are a few more but at the moment I am out of my apartment and with respect for the files, I choose to not let them leave my apartment). I suppose the major question at this point is this; clean up and organize the EXISTING information, or continue digging to fine MORE NEW information. I believe at this point the former is important, for there will always be more and more to dig, and that can become an endless abyss.

Setting goals is important, and for now the major goal is to create interesting, clear and publishable articles for the churches that already have a good amount of data collected. I will continue on this path until, of course, I am told to venture down another one.

All for now!

Your humble researcher,

Ian B