Best East 11th Holdouts: Victory Grill and Kenny Dorham's Backyard

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The redevelopment of East 11th has occurred in fits and starts, but the fact that it's moving ever further from its roots as a predominantly African-American business and entertainment district has been obvious (and rather disconcerting) for a while. All the better, then, that its loft- and cocktail-seekers can still experience the historic Victory Grill, holding steady with renewed food service and and uptick in backroom shows, and adjacent outdoor venue Kenny Dorham's Backyard, the only place on the street that still features steady bookings of African-American music, as well as welcoming neighborhood events. It remains to be seen how long these places will exist, but the cultural work they do in the meantime is invaluable.

Victory Grill
1104 E. 11th, 512/291-6211,


Kenny Dorham's Backyard
1106 E. 11th, 512/477-9438,