Listen Global: Act Local

Listen Global: Act Local Poster


March 15th

Gate opens:

Kenny Dorhman's backyard
1106 East 11th St, Austin, Texas 78702

Free. All ages.
No wristbands/badges required.

A Tribe Called Red, Los Rakas, Sonora, Mandeep Sethi, Zuzuka Poderosa w/ KING LOUIE, World Hood, Las Cafeteras, Johnny Polygon, Chorizo Funk, El Indio, DLRN hosted by Andru Defeye.


More than just another party, the Listen Global. Act Local. showcase is Sol Collective’s second annual meet-up for musicians, artists, activists and creatives. Listen Global. Act Local. unites premier acts from all corners of the globe to give something back to the Austin community. “With over a million people coming into Austin for South by Southwest, we really wanted to connect with local community and support the city’s creative projects” explains Estella Sanchez, Director of the Sol Collective Arts and Cultural Center in Sacramento.

Listening global means a lineup of some of the heaviest hitters in the global music movement including A Tribe Called Red, Los Rakas, Mandeep Sethi, Sonora, World Hood, Zuzuka Poderosa, Las Cafeteras, Chorizo Funk ,Sapient, Johnny Polygon, and DLRN

Acting Local means creating a permanemant outdoor art exhibit space, a community greenhouse build, and hosting a free, non-gmo seed giveaway sponsored by the Sol Collective and Liberation Permaculture. The art exhibit will be curated by members of the legendary Trust Your Struggle Art Collective who has contributed to both the outdoor stage and the murals found in Kenny Dorman’s backyard over the past two years.

Listen Global. Act Local. is free to the entire community. No wristbands or passes required. The event will start at 12pm on Friday and runs until 8p.m. Come out and enjoy some of the best the global music movement has to offer and celebrate with the Austin community.

Friday, March 15, 2013 - 12:00pm