Unofficial SXSW Local-to-Global Music and Audio Gear Market

(Swap-meet, Sale, and Players’ Afternoon Hangout at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard)


     March 16th2013
     Kenny Dorham’s Backyard
     1106 East 11th Street
     Austin Texas
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Pre-Register before March 12th.

Fill out the form, if you would like to donate, trade, barter, and/or sell.
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On Saturday March 16, from 12 noon until 7pm, we invite Austin professional and amateur musicians, collectors, dealers, and the general music-loving public to join us at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard for an afternoon of heavy trading, buying/selling, gear show-and-tell, and music community networking—all centered on the gear that we use to do what we do: make music. We’ll have food and drinks, beer to sell, music to listen to, fun to be had.

Yes, the idea behind this is to cut out the middle-man, provide a venue for players to bring their gear, and deal directly with other knowable folks who just might be looking for that vintage 1965 Les Paul or 50 watt Bassman head that has been in the closet since you got that GK solid-state small package amp. And, to be honest…we are very intentionally doing this during the annual SXSW Music Conference and Festival because there will be tons of players here from around the globe (and from South Austin) who would appreciate an opportunity to get some good old American music technology for a fair price, a good trade for gear, or a swap plus a few bucks.  So, if you are from Spain, just imagine being able to buy—directly from the owner— a really well kept 1970s Fender Jazz Bass and a real American Made Vintage Fender bass amp. Pretty Cool!

What we are looking for locally are players who have gear collecting dust, extra gear left over after an upgrade, and/or really special vintage gear that they are willing to sell for the right price to someone who truly gets just why it’s “special” and needs to be expensive.  And, we want to provide a one-stop-shop for those looking for gear of all kinds.

Help us get the word out. Help us make this event a good thing for all concerned. Read below to find out how to register and be involved. We need you.


The guidelines are simple:

Timeline: Pre-register by March 12. Production date, March 16. Set-up at 10:00am. Gates at 12noon. Walk-ins open all day. Show ends at 7pm.


  • If you have gear to sell or trade, a lot or a little, and want to participate, go to: to register (so we know who’s coming and what you have to sell/trade)
  • Give us a general list of what you will be bringing. Add photos. It will help with marketing...and your sales.
  • Keywords we are looking for: guitar, bass, amp, cords, mics, stands, drums, hardware, PA, snake, audio gear, Fender, Gibson, records, tape, CDs, vinyl, speakers, recording, stage lights, vintage, rare, custom, digital, analog, peddles, effects, rack, American-made, etc
  • We will start the day with a handful of tables for your use, but don’t count on using our tables if you have what you need to show your stuff. Tables will be first come, first served.
  • There is electricity available for testing/demonstrating your items on site, and a stage if needed for more space.
  • If you just have one or two amps, one or two guitars, or pieces of gear. You don’t really have to register. Just show up and see if you can find a market for your stuff. Casual.
  • Registration is free; the space to sell is free. If you make some sales, make a tax-deductible contribution to DiverseArts. If you do not sell, we hope you will have an enjoyable day hanging out and networking with other players and gearheads.
  • DiverseArts needs gear to support our work at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard. If you have drum hardware, mics/cables/stands, PA gear, a snake, stage lights….we need it. If you do not sell, consider making a tax-deductible gear donation to us.
  • Commercial or retail outlets can participate, but there is a fee structure for you.
  • Contact Harold McMillan directly for this and/or for sponsorship opportunities. We actively support the Austin music community. We actively want and need your support of our work.



Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 12:00pm